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Puppies aren't toys


Paris Hilton Helped Make the Dogs as Accessories Trend Popular. AP Photo/Alan Diaz

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Recently, the Chicago Romance Examiner recommended getting a puppy to get over a failed relationship. People responded to her idea with understandable outrage. The article's idea of viewing puppies as feel good accessories is similar to the attitude of the Gosselin family, which seems to view its dogs as toys or entertainment instead of realizing that pet ownership is a serious commitment.

Puppies aren't toys. They are living, breathing animals. Even the sweetest dogs can be hurt and frightened until they reach their breaking point. When they finally turn on their tormentors in an attempt to protect themselves, their owners will react with shock and horror.

Despite the celebrity tiny dog trend, puppies are not accessories or feel good treats either. If someone is feeling blue, a dog will make a loyal and steadfast companion. However, that person needs to decide that he or she truly wants the dog for many years to come before making the purchase. The potential owner needs to be aware that there is a chance that there will be a future boyfriend who doesn't like dogs or that a dog will hamper spontaneous trips and all night parties.


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