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Puppet play enhances a child's creativity

Using puppets is great fun! You and your child will be able to explore new ideas and create many different situations with the puppets you make. Holding a puppet in one’s hand empowers a child. Children can act out or say things in role-playing that they might not otherwise say. They can problem solve or just have fun pretend playing. The process of puppet making is great fun too. Engage your child and make the experience as participatory and interactive as possible. Be creative! Make puppet play a “Together Time” moment.

Laced-up puppets are fun to make at home.
Tania Cowling

Get out the recycle box and begin to craft puppets with your child. There is a world of creativity and imagination with these projects.

Sack puppets—

Paper bag puppets can be made and enjoyed by kids—from preschool and up. You decide how much time and artistic effort you want to put into your sack puppet project. They can be quickie puppet play stand-ins or works of art. You can draw facial features with crayons and markers and decorate them with a few “found” objects like fabric scraps, buttons, faux jewels, pipe cleaners, yarn, any variety of miscellany you can gather.

Laced-up puppets—

Use brown grocery bags and cut two duplicate patterns of your puppet. Punch holes around the edges with a hole punch (holes on both pieces must match). Lace these together with a length of yarn. Placing tape on the one end of the yarn makes lacing a much easier task. Lace your puppet but leave a space where you can stuff the shape with polyester stuffing. Continue lacing to close the opening. Decorate the puppet with features that are drawn on with markers or glued on. Attach a strip handle on the back for the child to slip his/her hand into for manipulation. The strip could be cardboard or an elastic band.

Tips on how to use your puppets—

  • The simplest way to use your puppets is by sitting on the floor, facing each other. Talk to each other, sing, make your puppets dance, etc.
  • Another way is by using a tabletop, sitting on either side of the table.
  • If you want to do a presentation for family and friends, tip the table over onto one side with the tabletop facing the audience. You now have a table stage (you are behind it and you can manipulate your puppets to show above).
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