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Punky Power

Remember Soleil Moonfrye? She played the adorable title character on NBC's 80's sitcom Punky Brewster.  While she continued her career for a while as "Roxy" in Melissa Joan Hart's Sabrina The Teenage Witch series, Soleil is now a mommy, as well as co-owner of an Earth-friendly baby boutique in California. 

Read here for the story of how the boutique was created, and what inspired Moonfrye and Paige Goldberg Tolmach to open their collection to mothers around the world. offers everything from toys to clothing to organic laundering products.  Gift baskets can also be purchased for up to  a hefty $200.00, but they contain lots of healthy, organic goodies to welcome Baby into the world. 

Check back with their page frequently for blog updates and contests for free products and services. 


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