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Punk Rock Rapper 'Hyro Da Hero' Album 'Birth, School, Work, Death' Drops April 3

Punk Rock Rapper 'Hyro Da Hero'
Punk Rock Rapper 'Hyro Da Hero'
Courtesy of Jody Domingue

HYRO DA HERO's debut album, BIRTH, SCHOOL, WORK, DEATH is an amalgamation of classic alternative punk rock, hypnotic rap, and addictive hip-hop which is due to drop on April 3, 2011 via Stereo Bang Media.

The Houston-bred Los Angeles-based MC can rhyme with a vengeance. Classic rap mixed with a punk rock slash metal backing is singular to his own personal style. He has already fueled quite the buzz with the album’s first single “Ghetto Ambiance,” which was released February 20th to critical support overseas.

Of his sound, he tells it like it is straight from his core. "This is My Gospel Of Gangsta Rock, the attitude of punk rock with the street mentality and roughness of hip-hop. I don’t think anyone has ever seen a brother like me rocking the way I rock. I'm from the hood and that’s what I know. The way I walk and talk is street. It's who I am and where I have been. I know both worlds well so I stand out compared to others. I describe what I do as more than just Rock & Hip Hop or Rap. It's my attitude."

This smart, honest, gritty rap artist has managed to truly mix such different types of music together in a way not done before and yet it just plain works. His album was Produced by Ross Robinson, known as the man behind the iconic debut albums by Korn, Slipknot and At the Drive-in. Together the two were able to tap into something that has been missing in the music scene.

Hyro's band includes Daniel Anderson (Guitar, Idiot Pilot), Paul Hinojos (Bass, At The Drive-In/Sparta/The Mars Volta), Blood Brothers' Cody Votolato (Guitar) and Mark Gajadhar (Drums). Together they blend razor-sharp rhymes with their music creating a sound that's as meditative as it is addictive.

Dana Feldman - In listening to BIRTH, SCHOOL, WORK, DEATH, the title really resonated with me. How did you come up with it?

Hyro Da Hero - BIRTH, SCHOOL, WORK, DEATH is the order of life in this world in which we live. Between the above events you have to find out what you were put on this earth for, the reason for your existence. I feel as though I have found my calling and I express it throughout the album lyric for lyric.

DF - Ross Robinson (debut albums by Korn, Slipknot and At the Drive-in) was a fantastic choice for producer on this album. How did you meet him and get him on board?

Hyro - I met Ross through Chino of The Deftones. We were walking in Venice one day and Chino just walked through Ross's door and said 'waddup'. We started talking and from there Ross came to some of my shows. Ever since it’s been on. Crazy, Right?

DF - How did you discover your love for music and at what point did you realize that you had a talent for it?

Hyro - When I first opened my mouth to freestyle amongst my friends I got a natural high from the praise I received. I knew this was my talent from then on. I naturally knew how to mix words and make them rhyme. It’s a God given gift that I work on every day.

When asked what he considers his first big break in music, he tells me of coming out to Los Angeles and how he knew this would be the beginning of something very special for him. "A lot of people dream of coming to Hollywood. I see people cry and beg on American Idol just to step foot in the land of Los Angeles. I’m truly happy to be in the position I am in. I consider this as my first big break because all I needed was the opportunity and someone who understood what I wanted to do. Thank God for MySpace."

DF - So tell me this, ten years from now, where are you with your music?

Hyro - Rocking stadiums, making a change in the world, continuing to raise people’s consciousness levels, and inspiring the next great artist.

DF - Speaking of the next great artist, what advice do you have for those out there pursuing their dreams of a career in music? What advice can you give them in the face of the many obstacles and road blocks that any artist faces on the road to success?

Hyro - Keep a positive attitude. Visualize what you want and then you must execute. You must work hard and then everything will come to you. Do not force it…

To learn more about Hyro and get a feel for his sound, check out his official websites at:


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