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Punk Rock Bowling Dominates Memorial Day 2011

Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas is a zoo every year, but this year, Memorial Day weekend is calling out the zoo. That's right, Punk Rock Bowling 2011 is in town, and if you haven't heard about it yet, you had better brace yourself when you show up.

Punk Rock Bowling is a gathering of a bunch of punk rock bands, mostly old dudes but some young bands who idolize one of the geriatric members of the punk scene. By geriatric, I mean middle aged, though some of them have been through so much that they look to be well past their golden years.

Stuff to see at Punk Rock Bowling is aplenty, but if you haven't gotten your tickets to the main events yet, you are not in good shape unless you want to risk buying a scalped (or fake) ticket on Craigslist. There are, however, many fine acts playing local venues after the main music festival closes down for the night.

So, stuff I would see from the side shows includes The Muffs at the Beauty Bar on Saturday and Tiltwheel on Sunday. The Muffs are a punk rock band that is on the poppy side. They have a cute female singer. Tiltwheel is a punk rock band that is less on the poppy side. Their singer is an awesome beardy dude. I would recommend both.

At $10 a pop, they aren't too bad for the employed. But then there's drinks, so I would recommend hitting up some of the drink specials on Fremont Street for a predrink before hitting up the bars at the venues to wet your whistle during the show.

But, Las Vegas gets awfully hairy during the weekends, so the chances I'll stay home with my cat and listen to Pedro the Lion is good.

XO to the punk scene.

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