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Punk Fashion: Versatility


Amber Rose, Rihanna, Pharrell The Cool Kids and La Roux are just a few young artists pushing punk fashion to a new extent. Unlike past punk fashions, which were connected to a subculture, ideology or politics, this newly stimulated punk fashion is a fun adaptation of 1980s hardcore punk mixed with the punk frivolities of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The mixture doesn’t involve nihilism- they’re rich rock stars and seem to feel very certain and satisfied with their present condition. However, I would venture in calling this a fashion movement in some respects.

Leather, mohawks, skate shoes and t-shirts have become a large part of today’s pop culture. Because most of us are not wealthy rock stars who dare to buzz the side of our heads and sport fashion goggles there’s no reason why you should skip out on this fashion movement. The following are a few necessary punk pieces that you can mix and match. Who says punks can’t work and play hard while looking fabulous!

Embellished leggings – these leggings take it to the next step. They’re not only edgy but they are also versatile. They add the perfect amount of attitude to your work attire and enough sass to your play attire. Designers such as Cynthia Rowley, and Miu Miu are to thank for bringing a new, punkier slant to leggings.

Classy Punk Sweater- Vanessa Bruno has always been good at combining nonchalant punk with softer feminine detail. This gray sweater with pleated trim is versatile and just plain gorgeous. Vanessa Bruno Sweater with Pleated Trim. - $488 -

Lipsy Stud Front Dress – this hot little number is hardcore punk meets goth queen. The best part about it is you can dress it up with a more conservative belt or punk it up with a thick, black studded belt. However, if you choose to flaunt it you are going to look fierce on all levels. -Photo Source:

Cage Heels – ‘80s punk fashion had a definite fetish tone much like these hot cage heels. These heels are similar to Yves Saint Laurent’s famous ankle boots (2008). Taking from that overt sexuality and drama, try on a pair but make sure to tone it down with classic and basics such a pencil skirt and plain white blouse -
Alessia Cage Pumps,  $26.80 at Forever 21.

Punk flats - If you are not a high heel girl, no worries. Try on a pair of pink skeleton flats by Jessica Louise. Yes, you can find them at Hot Topic but don’t cringe- who needs to know? They’re punkish yet girlish and depending on your outfit (suggestion: conservative vs. flashy) they’ll come out looking like you found them on a hip Fifth Ave. store- $35 - hottopic.comBuy

Punk Fashion T-Shirt – There may be an over abundance of these “punk” t-shirts so choose wisely but still have fun with it. Statement T’s should still remain, almost pretty, not completely gaudy. For example, this hip pink, “Glamour Kills” t-shirt featuring fashionista, Audrey Hepburn would fit nicely with a funky blazer and a pair of matching flats for a night out on the town- $41 (25 GBP) -

Punk Purse – for any fashionista, Chanel is a staple. Even thought Chanel’s roots are ultra feminine, the classic Chanel black quilted soft square bag with the CC Buckle has edge and versatility. Wear your Chanel to work and wear it at play while sporting your “Glamour Kills” t-shirt. Nothing is more impassive rock star than that. If you can't afford the $1,725 price tag, no worries, find this item at-

Punk Pants – this is the easiest category- any jean that is pencil thin and tappers at the bottom. Best worn in black and gray (if you’re trying to remain versatile), however, dark purple is still not a stretch. Favorite brands are J-Brand and the Thompson black stretch jean by Ralph Lauren.
Punk pants-

Punk Jackets – if you’re going punk, you need a hot leather biker jacket. Make sure the jacket doesn’t have too much “punk bling” on it. Go for the cut instead. Try out Rick Owens Blister leather biker jacket.You can wear it over a feminine dress or with a pair of your Thompson jeans and a t-shirt. Punk jacket- • Rick Owens Blister leather biker jacket-  $2,695 - net-a-porter.comBuy

Punk Jewelry- there is a fine line between goth and punk when it comes to jewelry, however, if you steer clear from chokers and crosses you’re still on Punk Ave. The best way to remain conventional yet out there is to wear bracelets. A favorite is the spiked bracelet by Annie Costello Brown. The spikes scream punk however; the bangled design tones it down - Annie Costello Brown, Designer Jewellery

Photo Source: Rihanna. Please find all other photo sources via links.

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