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Punishment without crime; "The Child Stealing Scam"

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Spread awareness
Photo by Michael N. Todaro

I wish I could say the Child Stealing Scam was rare. It happens in every state to a variety of types except those politically connected and the powerfully rich. The myth was it only happened to poor people with no familial connections because no one can stand up for them to say they are good parents.

Lately, I found that is not the case and no social class applies. I have watched as a little girl revealed very vile details of sexual abuse. The mother is a well respected member of community. She has no history of crimes. She has or had money. She has huge supportive family with strong ties to community. They seem perfect compared to the typical parent I speak to with a small mistake of disorderly or under influence ticket making them appear questionable.This mom has raised 5 children into adults who are social workers and doctor types. They do a lot of community service.

This child told mom he makes her watch porn. She takes the proper steps in reporting and calling police. She was blown off. She was nervous and received advice from fellow community members who thought justice would prevail. She kept reporting. They reported as well. Thinking someone would see seriousness and act to protect this child. CPS never took it serious. Things kept happening but she followed order because she believed in this system. She believed her family connection would get them to see she was not the type to lie.The allegations got stronger to include penetration. This child had details that haunt my mind daily. One in particular was how lipgloss looked like her of daddies privates. I had never even thought of it that way but after she said it, it does. A child of 6 does not come up with this out of the air.

There was an order for no visitation granted. I was so ecstatic for the child. It lasted a week before this womans own attorney asked for visits again supervised. Her attorney even asked for more than judge offered. She was prepared from all the horror stories so she had a list of supervisors ready.

A few weeks went by and CPS scheduled a hearing without letting anyone see paperwork. They took the child from mom for reporting too many times.They took from dad because child disclosed. I was shocked because she had no past, she had resources. It did not matter they lived in corrupt small town USA type of place. They kept all things information county to control it.They put child in foster care even with a pile of family volunteering. None of the close knit family was allowed to see except mom and dad an hour a week. Whatever child did with mom she had to do with dad. The CPS gets money for each child in foster care. The sexual abuse allegations were ignored and both parents put on child abuse registry.

The child kept saying things that were odd even to me. She said "their deal" often in reference to things. The child was ripped away from school, church, family and dance classes. She was imprisoned in foster care with no intentions of reunification. In fact they claimed they had tried to reunify before removing to no avail, but child was in alleged imminent danger. Not true. No steps were made, but could not prove it and no one will listen.

They have no intention of allowing visitors for child because they don't want the truth out.This child is isolated like we see in domestic violence. It is to shut them up. It is to make them question the truth. It is to punish them for daring to tell the truth.This child can not see grandma or cousins.The child has begun to ask "Why you love me?" This child thinks she was naughty for telling and she can't see the family because something is wrong with her.

What is the point of doing this? Well if every CPS does one a month at $8000 that is a lot of money. It is the new million dollar scam of stealing babies. If CPS does not answer to anyone who will listen then you have no choice, but to jump through hoops for a goal you will never accomplish. When did stealing babies become justice? When did isolating a child from everyone and everything become acceptable? Our country is so busy fighting eachother that no one lends a hand. In the meantime they keep stealing babies and making money while our economy takes a dive. Children are taught what by whisking them away after telling the hardest thing they ever told despite death threats? We live in America the alleged Land of the Free. That is plain, old, simple grand theft child. Are we going to stand and watch this? It is happening everywhere. Our children are not for SALE! More information:

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