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Punchard: Where shopping and receipts pay you back

Learn how to get points for your receipts with the Punchcard act.
Learn how to get points for your receipts with the Punchcard act.
photo by Ryan D. Neely

Are you a person who keeps up with your receipts? Do you wish you could benefit more from those receipts rather than for just in case reasons? Or, do you wish you can be repaid for almost every purchase you make? If so, the Punchcard app may be the answer you have been looking for.


The Punchcard app is a rewards application that can be downloaded for free through the Google Play or iTunes store markets. It is a shopping app created by Andy Steuer where users can accumulate personalized rewards for shopping through its partnership with mPOINTS.

mPOINTS program

The mPOINTS rewards additive is a loyalty program located on many of the top mobile apps. Users can earn mPOINTS for doing the things they do consistently like shopping and viewing apps. Users can even be rewarded for window shopping through the mPOINTS feature of mPLACES where they can accumulate points for simply visiting stores.

Punchcard points building strategies


The easiest way to build points through the app is by scanning your receipts. After making a purchase, a user must log into the app and choose the store and its location from where the product was purchased. Next, they must scan the receipt received from that store within seven days.

After the receipt is scanned, the user will be sent to a screen to spin a reward wheel if the receipt's scanned picture is viewable. The consumer will be rewarded with mPOINTS pertaining to the number the wheel ticker lands on.


Another way to gain mPOINTS is by socially sharing an earned reward. This is done by clicking on the share link under the reward as soon as the reward pop up is displayed.

Tap in and bonuses

Even if a consumer did not go shopping that day, they can still be rewarded mPOINTS by tapping into the Punchcard app daily. Tapping into the app is very beneficial as the mPOINTS program is always giving away bonus rewards through their sponsors. These bonuses are rewarded after users watch videos, download apps, take surveys, or click on advertisements.


After consistently performing the tasks above, users will earn enough mPOINTS to redeem gift cards from many popular retailers. Or, they can redeem their points for products, sweepstake entries, clothing, and more.

As you can see, your receipts are now worth more than just proof of purchases or safety nets for possibly needed returns. Therefore, let your receipts bring you more than what you bought at the store with the Punchcard app.

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