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PUNCH 76 -- Leaders for the Water Reclamation Department seeks your vote

CHICAGO – Beauty, brawn, or brains is not something one would think about when it comes time to vote. And who am I to suggest that to be elected one should consider beauty over brawn or brawn's over brains for that matter. The beauty of it all is that the water reclamation department incumbent, Cynthia Santos, has decided that the voters should have the luxury of placing all in three into office; beauty, brawn, and brains. Early voting for the March 18th primary has already began. Folks who have already made up their mind can vote early; all the way up to Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 43 early voting locations in Chicago and the collar counties if they present a photo ID.

March 18, 2014 Primary ElectionAdam Miguest ~   PUNCH 76Tom Courtney ~  PUNCH 75Cynthia Santos ~ PUNCH 71
photo's provided Adam Miguest
vote for me, March 18, 2014 primary election
photo submitted by Adam Miguest

During a non-presidential election voters are lax about turning out to vote. So there is a dynamic three who are not career politicians who have decided what a better time than now to branch out to educate, motivate, and encourage today’s youth to claim their stake in the political process, and allow their voices to be heard. Water reclamation department incumbent, Cynthia Santos, is up for re-election, and she has attracted the talent of two very capable, and highly educated young men to balance out her efforts; Adam Miguest, and Tom Courtney. The two, Miguest, and Courtney, bring to the table some innovative ideas. The three share the common thread of their commitment to public service. Miguest shares that his experience from working at Cook County hospital has enlightened him on how his knowledge and experience will be an asset during the public health aspect of the water reclamation department.

The beauty of voting for Commissioners of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (3 to be nominated) is each voter you get to select three candidates. Miguest explains that he is a prime selection for the position because of his commitment to insure that proper investments in energy efficient technologies is properly handled as this has the capacity to create hundreds of thousands of much needed new construction, energy service, and building maintenance jobs throughout Chicago-land. Climate and energy legislation are vitally important to the success of our economy, and the health of our environment.

The beauty of voting for this team of three, Cynthia Santos, is an incumbent, and can successfully navigate her team through much of the learning curve that comes from being new on the job. The strength, brawn's, is Tom Courtney, and his law background, coupled with his commitment to be a “voice for the voiceless,” and of course Adam Miguest will be able to hit the ground running from his experience, and training while working in the public health aspect via Cook County hospital.

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