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Pumpkins are a great food

Free stock image of pumpkins

Happy Halloween

Our health topic today is, you guessed it, pumpkins.

Here's a happy fact from Juicyjuice - there are over 50 kinds of pumpkins.

Aside from their colorful variety, pumpkins provide some great benefits. These awesome gourds can be eaten in many ways: pie, bread, muffins, shakes, baked seeds, etc. Fortunately for all of you pumpkin aficionados, this super food contains phytosterols to reduce LDL (that's bad cholesterol).

The mass of gooey goodness inside every pumpkin is also very high in fiber content. This not only helps keep you full, but also assists in the digestive process. So don't forget to eat pumpkin on Thanksgiving Day too.

Apart from fiber and phytosterols, the yummy gourd contains antioxidants, potassium, and the seeds are high in copper, zinc, and protein. Pumpkin protein powder can actually be purchased and may be a good choice for vegans who wish not to ingest whey protein.

This food is terrific for a healthy lifestyle, but sadly does not grow year round. You may want to indulge in a pumpkin pie eating contest today.

On a more serious note, be careful when selecting protein powders as many of the mainstream brands contain artificial sweeteners and Creatine.

Check with your physician before starting a new diet.

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