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Pumpkin Wine


Being a kid on Halloween meant dressing up in a costume, staying out after dark, and asking strangers for candy. Saying it like that makes it sound kinda strange - maybe even dangerous - why on earth would I do something like that? I was young, so I did most things because they sounded good. Ah the good ole days! So, can an adult still live on the edge a little on Halloween? I don’t know, but it made me think about pumpkin wine.

So I did some research on pumpkin wine to add to the upcoming Halloween season and here is what I found:   There are recipes available to make your own pumpkin wine (if you feel like being Betty Crocker) or I found a pumpkin wine that is sold at Three Lake Winery right here in Wisconsin

Now my next research project is on .... find a local retailer that carries pumpkin wine so I can try it!!  If you can help with any in-site on a local retailer, please post me a comment.  Stay tuned to what I find.