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Puma's new phone

Puma's new phone and the solar panel backing
Puma's new phone and the solar panel backing

Puma is known to be at the height of sport shoe style, now it appears they’re going to make a move in the cell handset arena. Including all the standard smart phone features, Mobile Internet, GPS, Video Calling (Score!), 2.8 Touch Screen, 3.2mp Camera with LED Flash (Should be more, all high end Smart Phones are upgrading to at least 5mp), GPS, and more.

The best feature we know of at this point is that the phone can be Solar Charged. The back of the phone is a solar panel that you can use to charge your cell anywhere you have sunlight. The bad here of course is to charge the phone you have to sit the cell facedown so the sun can hit the panel. This of course could lead to mass scratching and screen damage, however the whole idea of a solar panel for charging on the phone itself is awesome. 

This “Active Smartphone” was designed by Puma and Sagem Wireless. No price has been announced yet, but the Puma Phone hits the international market in the next 40 days. Though we may not see it anytime soon here in the USA. There are currently no plans for a stateside release date.