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Pulse signal detected in search of missing Malaysia Airlines jet by Chinese ship

The missing jet's ping - or pulse signal - is the latest hope in the missing jet search. A pulse signal has been detected by a Chinese ship that is part of the ongoing search that is trying to find the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger plane – Flight MH370 – in the Indian Ocean. Haixun 01, a black box detector deployed by the Chinese vessel, picked up a 37.5Hz signal on Saturday. The signal was detected at approximately 25 degrees south latitude and 101 degrees east longitude, according to a CBS News report filed Saturday morning.

Malaysia Airlines jet

Whether or not the detected signal was related to the Malaysia Airlines jet that went missing on March 8 has not been determined yet.

Efforts to find the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet – Flight MH370 – are in a state of desperation at this time since the black box flight recorders are about to go silent at any time now. The batteries reportedly last about a month, and the plane has been missing for 28 days now.

The latest event in the search is not being approached very optimistically since there has been no sign of the missing jet yet – and it cannot be certain if the search is being conducted anywhere near the plane’s final destination. Yet, it is somewhat a sign of hope in finding the aircraft in the black box’s eleventh hour.

Black boxes aboard aircraft are designed to sustain crashes with its crash-protective memory.

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