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Pulp Fiction: the other comic book store in Long Beach

Have you ever found yourself going to the comic book store wanting to buy that new issue and once you get there, it's all sold out. Then you think to yourself, “I'll come back tomorrow, the weekend, or maybe next Wednesday when new issues are on sale.” This happens to a lot of us comic book fans. Especially, to those who work on Wednesdays and do not have time to go out. Well, for every problem, there lies a solution.

Pulp Fiction logo

Ask the majority of people here about any comic book stores in the area, and most likely they'll mention Amazing Comics. Lots of people know about it. For one, it's located in a shopping center next to huge businesses: Target, Rite-Aid, Big Lots, Sears, and for geeky nostalgic reasons, Circuit City. Amazing Comics is an excellent comic book store, but it's not the only one. Situated on the corner Clark and Atherton, lies another fortress of solitude for comic collectors, Pulp Fiction. Formerly located on the corner of Norse Way and Carson, Pulp Fiction is somewhat of a hidden jewel. It's a bit smaller than it's competitor but it tends to have the issues that you couldn't find elsewhere. It is, to me, the backup comic book shop.

Like Amazing Comics, they sell graphic novels, comic books, anime, manga, statues, and action figures. However, unlike them, Pulp Fiction is the only comic book shop in Long Beach that is an authorized CGC dealer. If you happen to have a comic book and want to get it graded but don't know how, you can submit it through Pulp Fiction where they will help you out. Graphic novels and manga are discounted 20 to 80 percent off the cover price. You can even trade in your old books and get new ones for free. Pulp Fiction truly is a gem mint condition place.


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