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Pull up your Hot Pants at Club Jäger

Club Jager, exterior
Club Jager, exterior
Michael Nystrom

Club Jäger located at 923 Washington Avenue N, is quite possibly the best bar, and best bar to get your groove on, in Minneapolis' warehouse district.  Less overcrowded and douchebaggey then near-by The Loop, and lacking the cover charge that's ever-present at Bunker's , Club Jager (pronounced "jaeger" like the popular drink) flys just under the radar of the club goers crowd and lands right in the hearts and pants of your local hipsters, your music heads and the rest of us in between.  It's a scene for the laid back older 20-somethings/younger 30-something's (of course all ages are welcome), with a dance floor that's usually packed on the weekend, but that leaves enough space to actually order a drink, chill in the back and throw darts or have an audible conversation.  Not to mention their backyard terrace with year round bonfire. 

Providing a variety of DJ's for a different musical vibe every night of the week, every 2nd Saturday of the month sees DJ team Hotpants spin some of the most dancey and rare soul records this reporter has ever heard.  A delight for anyone who gets down to Aretha more then they do Gaga.  Add to that a decorated, but not over-decorated decor, with omnipresent disco ball Club Jager is the (large) one room bar to get your dance on in the Warehouse district.

The drinks and drink specials should not go unnoticed either.  Last Saturday saw patrons embibing Summit's all night for $2 a piece.  A great deal on a great local beer.  Make sure to call 612.332.2686
 for drink specials and the music genre that night. 

Take this bar in with your friends who like to dance, or your friends who like bonfires and make sure to go when the DJ's there are spinning your type of music.  Also, find out the drink specials ahead of time.  If you follow those guidelines, you will have an awesome, relatively cheap night out.