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Pukka Tea now available in the US

Pukka Tea
Pukka Tea
Pukka Tea

We all know the health benefits associated with green tea but did you know that herbal tea not only relaxes the body and mind but is also designed to balance and nourish?

Just ask the folks at Pukka Herbal Tea, who recently introduced an amazing tea called “Love” for Valentine’s Day. Love tea was made by Pukka’s herbalist for his then girlfriend (now wife) on the day he asked her to marry him.

Throughout the years, Pukka has been England’s best-selling organic fruit and herbal tea brand and it is now available in the U.S. Pukka teas are all certified organic and are blended using only the most potent, vibrant herbs available.

For example, our favorite, Love Tea is a combination of rose and lavender designed to warm the heart, while elderflower and chamomile offer relaxation and marigold petals provide balance and nourishment. Made with the powerful philosophies of Ayurvedic Medicine and ingredients known to aid in digestion, immunity and weight management, tea drinkers now know their tea time is serving their body well.

For more information, visit or local Vitamin Shoppes and Whole Foods locations.