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Pujols' 24th home run blast gets you a Sonic Blast for 99 cents


Sonic Blast  Photo Source:  Yahoo Images

The day following a Cardinals' home run, St. Louis area Sonic Restaurants offer their Sonic Blasts for .99 cents all day.  Last night, Pujols hit his 24th home run of the year, so today you can get a Sonic Blast for .99 cents.

The Sonic Blast is an ice cream "drink" treat similar to a Concrete or Blizzard.  To find out where the nearest Sonic Restaurant is, visit their web site.  To find out when the Cardinals score a home run, visit  Under the Scoreboard tab, find the Cardinal's logo.  When the game is final, the very bottom of that statistics box will have abbreviations giving stats for the game.  If they scored a home run, you will see the initials HR listed in front of the name of the player who scored.

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