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Puget Sound Has Fun Beach Activities - Part 1

Herrmann's Gulls migrate to the Puget Sound area from California during the summer months.
Herrmann's Gulls migrate to the Puget Sound area from California during the summer months.
Karen Ulvestad

Puget Sound offers locals and visitors many opportunities to visit area beaches. These saltwater beaches are home to birds, marine mammals, and other sea life. Low-tides expose tide pools, and give a glimpses to the creatures that live below the water's surface.

The beaches along the sound are an important resource for local and migratory birds. During the summer, the beaches are great recreational areas for people, and the some birds move to quieter locations along Puget Sound. In the fall, winter and spring,these same areas offer shelter and food for migratory birds.

Brackett's Landing in Edmonds is part of these stopping areas for migratory birds. The water is a marine sanctuary, and teaming with life. This is the food resources for the visiting brants, sandpipers, surf scoters, mergansers, and other birds.

Local bird populations include bald eagles, osprey, Canada goose, great blue heron, mallard ducks, and white-crowned sparrows. This variety of bird life offers opportunities for birders, photographers, and families to view these birds in their natural habitat.

This beach offers a large under-water park for scuba divers. The marine park is home to sea anenome, fish, harbor seals, jelly fish, and other marine life. It is a great place for under-water photography, and to experience the diversity of life in Puget Sound.

The sandy beach is a great place to build sand castle, sun bathe, or play with friends and family. It is close to restaurants that offer coffee beverages, snacks, or sit-down meals.

This is part 1 of a series. . .

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