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Watch puffins on these live web cameras

Atlantic Puffin
Atlantic Puffin
Andreas Trepte, - CC_BY_SA 2.5

One of the most colorful and unusual of the birds of the northeast United States is the Atlantic puffin. They can only be seen on the coast itself, however, so those who are a bit more inland have to make a trip out for the chance to see them. Even then, they can be pretty elusive unless you happen to know exactly where to look.

Fortunately, organizations like and the Audubon Society sponsor live remote cameras placed in just the right spots to give viewers a good look at both the inside of puffin nesting burrows and the seaside or island ledges upon which they like to loaf around.

Live puffin cam from Scotland

This Puffin Cam site from offers five different camera views of the puffin colony at Sumburgh Head in Scotland. Users can choose using the camera angel buttons directly below the video feed. Angle three shows the loafing ledge which is usually quite busy during the day. Angles one and two show the interior of a puffin burrow. Puffins mate for life and the pair will use the same burrow year after year.

Live puffin cam from Maine hosts a wide variety of bird cams including the Audubon puffin cam from Seal Island, Maine and an interior puffin burrow cam from the same location.

With puffin cams, even if you can't make a trip to the North Atlantic coast, you can still get a good look at the colorful puffin.


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