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Puffin Spray

It started with a simple Bike Seat. I was tired of seeing plastic bags on bike seats to protect the seat from rain. People do this to keep their bike seat dry and protected from the elements. But they look terrible, tear off, and don't really work well. Now it protects shoes, shorts, whatever. It will not change the fabric. It is safe for you and your family.

Puffin Spray works on:

Bike Seats
Children's clothing and bibs
Hospital Scrubs (Repels fluids and liquids!)
Medical and Laboratory Coats
Watch Straps
Outdoor cushions/seating
Ski Hats
Towels (Works great for tanning)
Tables, Outdoor Furniture
Motorcycle Seats
Construction Boots
Car Seats and Mats
And more!

Puffin Spray is water-soluble, non-flammable and completely safe.

Once Puffin Spray has dried on the fabric, it bonds to the surface layer and is completely innocuous. Puffin Spray contains ingredients that are present in water, animals, and plants and are part of the normal human diet.

They do not recommend applying Puffin Spray directly to your skin. According to MSDS, they recommend applying Puffin Spray outdoors or with good ventilation and not applying directly to skin, mucous membranes, or body parts.

The production of Puffin Coat has already been acquired and competitively bid for price, quality, location, and environmental friendliness. Puffin Spray works by altering the way water interacts with the surface layer. Instead of breaking the surface tension of the water droplet, it keeps the droplet intact, allowing it to bounce off, leaving you dry. When you order, you will get your spray by September 2014.

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