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Puerto Rico wants to be new medical destination with prices much lower than U.S.

Bayamon Puerto Rico aerial view
Bayamon Puerto Rico aerial view

Puerto Rico is now presenting itself as a medical tourism destination for persons in need of medical care, according to Fox News on Wednesday. The country is promoting itself primarily to the Hispanic population of the Caribbean as well as the eastern coast of the United States. The medical treatments specified in the report include dental treatments, liposuction, and weight-loss surgery. The benefit for travelling to Puerto Rico for such medical needs is the cost. Prices are said to be up to 50 percent less than one pays in the continental United States.

Alberto Baco, the secretary of Economic Development and Trade in Puerto Rico, said that the nation has a privileged situation in the medical market. During the presentation, it was said that the administration of Puerto Rico has commissioned a market study from which it asserts that medical costs in Puerto Rico are between 40 percent to 60 percent lower than people are currently paying in the continental United States. Of course, there are benefits to the island as well.

San Juan authorities truly believe that many jobs can be created in their country with the new promotion. Officials say that they are confident that some 3,000 jobs will be created via the medical industry promotion. And, to the civilians on the island and beyond, it is expected that some 30,000 patients will be served over the next three years. Additionally, an estimated $200 million in revenue could come from the medical industry’s advances over the next three years.

Besides competing with the United States and its higher medical costs, the program in Puerto Rico will need to compete with other Latin American destinations for health care. The success of the program will also improve other business economies. For example, the hotel industry will greatly increase with this program, according to the Latin Post.