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Puerto Rico: Chocolate Bar?

Chef Ricardo de Obaldia At Casa Cortes, Chocolate Cafe, San Juan Puerto Rico
Chef Ricardo de Obaldia At Casa Cortes, Chocolate Cafe, San Juan Puerto Rico
(c) Terry Zinn

It may seem odd to go all the way to Puerto Rico for a Chocolate Bar, but it’s well worth it. I’m not talking about the traditional elongated chocolate confection we all love – but a Café that specializes in all forms of chocolate, from pastry confections to the riches chocolate drink.

The Vienna, Hot Chocolate at Casa Cortes
(c) Terry Zinn

The Casa Cortes, Choco Bar, at 210 Calle San Francisco, Viejo San Juan, PR 00901, is a family tradition carried to extremes. For years the Cortes family has been synonymous with the best offerings for chocolate lovers. The tradition continues where Chef Ricado de Obaldia, prepares a multitude of sweet delights including: Hot Chocolate varieties (my favorite is the whipped cream topped Vienna), the Choco Martini (of vodka, baileys and milk chocolate), Grilled Cheese with chocolate (a surprising combo of sweet and salty), Blueberry Pancakes with a Chocolate Sauce, Assorted Pastries with dark Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate shakes and even small plate Tapas with, plantain, ham, tune or filet Mignon.

And if you must and to dilute your early morning sweet toothed guilt, you can enjoy a bowl of granola and fresh fruit. It’s almost as if you can imagine your own chocolate combination, Casa Cortes can produce it.

The friendly interior is ripe the wall décor paying homage to the family’s chocolate tradition and advertising which began in 1929. An entire wall is created of Cortes vintage metal chocolate molds, which makes a stunning and meaningful display. For the upscale chocolatier, Casa Cortes offers its refined and limited edition bite size chocolates, presented in an eye appealing tin.

Forteza Caribbean Chocolates states, “Since 1929, four generations of chocolate tradition have led Cortes Hermanos to the leadership of the chocolate industry in the Caribbean. With every bite of Forteza you experience the exciting savors and aromas of our Caribbean region…a tradition-centered, handcrafted product focused on a rigorous selection process of the best quality …”

An addition to Old San Juan art galleries are the two upstairs floors of Casa Cortes galleries. These rotating art exhibitions offer a creative way to spot light contemporary artists within an ample space for congenial events and receptions.

When in Puerto Rico call: (787) 525-7983 for more information.

NOTE: Terry Zinn is Past President of the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association