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Puerto Rican Family Institute receives funding for diabetes

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Maria Elena Girone, President and CEO of the Puerto Rican Family stated, since 1960, The Puerto Rican Family Institute has been responding to the needs of the growing Latino population both on the U.S mainland and in Puerto Rico. The organization serves a large immigrant population and have a solid record of success. Its commitment to quality care is evidenced by our ability to maintain families together, through preventing placements, hospitalizations and/or re-admissions for 98% of the families served. The Institute has over 49 years of achievements and highlights. News and upcoming events are available on the website at:

Currently, the Institute's focus is on diabetes.

The Puerto Rican Family Institute recently recieved funding to reduce the amount of new cases of diabetes and improve the health and wellness of people who have the disease.The Institute will use a $30,000 grant from The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey for its Diabetes Outreach Program. The Jersey City-based not-for-profit will use the recently awarded funds to provide interactive health, wellness and educational diabetes workshops to the Latino population in Hudson County. The workshops provide information about weight control, mental health wellness and managing diabetes.

Since its inception in 2004, The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey has given nearly 500 grants totaling over $18 million.The Puerto Rican Family Institute was one of 38 charitable organizations to receive funds during Horizon’s fourth round of grant-giving this year. The fourth-round grants make up $936,500 of the $1.9 million Horizon has donated to 96 organizations this year.

The Institute also offers a comprehensive array of social and health care services including mental health clinic program, foster care placement prevention programs, head start programs, case management programs, blended care management, partial hospilization programs and residential programs, PRFI currently operates over 20 programs located throughout New York City, Jersey City, New Jersey and Puerto Rico.

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