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Pueblo Improvisers Community Orchestra instrumentals at Kadoya Gallery

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Pueblo Improvisers Community Orchestra (P.I.C.O.) improvised two instrumentals at Kadoya Gallery, on Feb. 5. They were the opening act and Jack & Ben Wright Duo was the headlining act.

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Geoffrey Simmons is the digital percussionist, Susan Wolf is the cellist, Michael Cox plays two conch shells, musical saw and didgeridoo and Bret Hamilton is the dancer of Pueblo Improvisers Community Orchestra. Rita Pondo is the vocalist and was not present, due to prior arrangements.

Before P.I.C.O. began the performance, Wolf mentioned she wore two hats. The first hat she wears is when she works at the Pueblo City-County Library Distract and the other is when she is a musician. She stated the performance was to honor Black History Month and chose to honor it through music. She went onto say jazz had many improvisational elements to the genre and said their music would be broken down into duets.

Afterwards—Wolf mentioned P.I.C.O. was fairly new and welcomed anyone to join them. She stated some were playing with the band for the first time, as she looked in Cox’s direction. Then, she thanked the Jack & Ben Wright Duo for ending their two week tour in Pueblo, Colo. Shortly after, she introduced Hamilton to the audience and mentioned he would be dancing to what he felt.

Simmons was asked by an audience member which instrument he was playing. He replied it makes different sounds and it depended on where it was struck. He stated it responds to the velocity of each strike and it was pressure sensitive. He cited he left his other percussion instruments at home because they were the real ones. He said he had to do so or the heads of the drums would crack, due to the cold weather.

Hamilton danced to the percussions of Simmons, to begin the first instrumental. After Hamilton stopped dancing, Wolf accompanied Simmons with her cello. When Simmons rested, Cox blew into the smaller of his two conch shells. After Wolf ended her performance—Hamilton accompanied Cox, until the music came to a halt.

For the second improvised song, Cox played his didgeridoo and Simmons incorporated water and wind chime sounds. Afterwards, Cox set aside his didgeridoo and blew into the much larger of the two conch shells. After the music came to an end, Wolf mentioned there would be a brief intermission and insisted the crowd on helping themselves to refreshments.