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Pucker up for Madame Rose

Madame Rose
Madame Rose
Niko DeMordaunt

Goose Island's Madame Rose is the latest of the "Sour Sisters," joining favorites Juliet, Halia, Lolita, and Gillian.

Madame is quite the appropriate moniker, as Madame Rose is more than just another one of the sour sisters - she is the mother of them all. This is by no means an insult to the other four sisters, but more a compliment to Madame Rose.

The dark brown red color, tang of the wine barrel aged cherries, and wild yeast combine to create a spectacular sour ale. Madame Rose has a strong sour taste, in the vein of Belgian Krieks.

Personally, I prefer my sours to be sour, and Madame Rose does that perfectly without losing the complexity of the cherry flavor. If Goose Island continues to brew masterpiece sours, I may admit to preferring the sour lineup over the stout variety. Which is saying something.

Madame Rose weighs in at 7.1% ABV, and is available in San Francisco now in 765ml bottles.


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