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Pucker Up! 10 Tips To Get Smooth Kissable Lips!

Lips are one of the most sensitive features on the face. Therefore they are prone to get affected much earlier due to the pollution and the drastic changes in the weather conditions. Dust, smoke, pollution cold winds and dry weather adversely affect your lips and make them dry and chapped. Thereby lips lose their natural moisture and softness and become extremely dry and thus even cause pain. The habit of chewing, biting and licking your lips is also an absolutely ill habit which makes your lips dehydrated even earlier than usual and thus enables chapping. Therefore this habit should be completely avoided. In addition to this, below are mentioned few natural and amazing techniques, which will help your women to obtain those irresistible lips that your man would want to kiss.

1. Use Coconut Oil: it is an amazing natural tip, which would definitely help you to regain the natural softness of your lips. Applying a small quantity of coconut oil over your lips, at least once a week, will not only keep your lips hydrated and ultra -soft, but will also make them extremely kissable that your man will be unable to resist.

2. Sugar and Honey Scrub: this is one of the most popular and effective natural technique to keep your lips healthy and beautiful. Almost every research suggests that applying a scrub made out of sugar and honey over your lips regularly, will keep your lips hydrated help you get rid of the dead skin that forms of your lips. It not sounds really delicious but is also very effective.

3. Chapsticks before bed: just before you go to your bed, slather a bit of your chapstick over your lips to keep them ultra -soft over the night. It will keep your lips hydrated and moisturized throughout the night and avoid dryness. It forms a coat over your lips which naturally prevent them from drying over the night.

4. Lemon and Sugar Scrub: this lemon and sugar scrub maybe alternatively used with the honey and sugar scrub that is mentioned above. This scrub will not only help you to get rid of the dead skin layer that forms over your lips, but also is a great lip plumper. Lemon as it is a great hydrating agent.

5. Clove Oil for Plump Lips: this technique is an instant and natural way to obtain plumper and bigger lips. Just apply a small quantity of clove oil over your lips and obtain beautiful plumped up lips in no time. This will also help to keep your lips naturally soft and hydrated at the same time.

6. Almond Paste for Glow: applying almond paste is also a great natural measure to keep your lips soft and bright in color. It will help your lips to become extremely soft and beautiful and get that natural glow over your lips that every man would get attracted to.

7. Avoid Sun: this is an extremely important precaution that you need to keep in my mind, while trying to keep your lips soft and healthy. Avoid direct exposure of your skin to sun as its rays suck out everything of your skin and especially your lips. It deprives your lips from their natural moisture and makes them dry and lose their natural color thereby making them dull. Always remember to use a sunscreen or chapstick before you go out in the sun.

8. Don't Bite: as it is already mentioned above, the habit of licking and biting your lips is one of the worst ones and must strictly be avoided. It dries up the surface of the lips and gradually makes them chapped and enables peeling. Therefore one should always avoid licking of lips and in order to keep your lips moisturized, always use a lip balm or petroleum jelly.

9. Water Yourself: drinking a lot of water is a great measure to keep your lips and your skin hydrated. Intake at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your lips healthy and naturally moisturized.

10. Use Baby Oil: applying baby oil in small quantities over your lips regularly keeps your lips moisturized and super soft. It can be used as an alternative to chapsticks and is extremely effective. It will avoid dryness of your lips by keeping them moisturized and thereby will prevent them from getting chapped.

The techniques mentioned above are purely natural in nature and extremely convenient. The ingredients required are present right in your kitchen and practicing these measures will not only make your lips extremely soft, healthy and beautiful, but will also make them extremely kissable for your partner. Therefore, always adhere to these natural tips which are economical as well as effective and bear results without any unpleasant consequences.