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Publishing opportunity: turn your short story into a one-act play for PLAYS magazine

Turn those short stories into published plays at PLAYS magazine.
Turn those short stories into published plays at PLAYS magazine., by subscription

PLAYS magazine is offering opportunities for first-time writers and the old-hats alike to adapt short stories into short plays; the plays will then possibly be performed by young actors all over the country.

The magazine, established in 1940 in the Boston area, strives to provide quality material for young actors to perform, whether it tickles the funny bone, moves audiences to tears, or makes the spine tingle. All material published in PLAYS is age-appropriate and is free of sexual content, adult language, and violence.

PLAYS is always in the market for well-written, age-appropriate material to publish in their 7-a-year issues. They particularly look for occasion-specific material, such as holidays and notable dates such as Black History month and Book Week. Also on their radar is theme-specific material, especially those related to the environment and human rights.

PLAYS pays for all manuscripts once accepted. The rates vary according to length and age level, and the magazine buys all rights to the material.

Not a playwright? That’s okay. It’s not too difficult to turn a dialogue-heavy short story into a one-act play. A great, free resource for newcomer playwrights can be found at

For more information on submission guidelines for PLAYS magazine, visit their website.


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