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Publishers Clearing House unable to locate prize winner: Can you help?

One Pacific Northwest PCH sweepstakes money winner could not be found by Prize Patrol.
One Pacific Northwest PCH sweepstakes money winner could not be found by Prize Patrol.

Publishers Clearing House tried to give away $20,000 on Tuesday to someone in the Pacific Northwest that is a SuperFan of their company, but the winner could not be found according to Danielle Lam's Facebook post on March 18.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find our Search&Won winner tonight! Sometimes this happens where the winner is not home and no where to be found! But don't worry, the winner will still receive their prize! So stay tuned and we will keep you updated on the hunt for our LUCKY winner," Lam wrote.

The trio of money givers (Lam, Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane) were on the road dishing out two other cash prizes before they went searching for the third prize winner this week. The two other winners were located and received $10,000 each, but one of them was not at home as well the first time the crew came calling.

The Napa Valley Register reported that even though Debbie Buer and her husband Jeff were not home when the Publishers Clearing House representatives showed up with a big check for $10,000, it didn't take long to locate them and deliver the money. It was a St. Patrick's Day surprise that pleased Debbie immensely, as the 68-year-old grandmother has been playing the sweepstakes company's contests for years and even buys their products, so she doesn't have to go shopping outside her home.

Buer said she would spend the money to help pay for an upcoming wedding for her daughter. And Sayer told her he wished he could have been delivering the million dollar prize to her instead, so she would have even more money. But she was thankful for what she did receive.

Interestingly, Debbie's husband Jeff never really believed she would one day win. And while she hoped she would, she was still shocked she did, especially after years of playing, according to Dave Sayer's PCH Blog post.

On Tuesday, March 18, the sweepstakes representatives went back on the road again to award another $10,000 to Margie Thomas of Glasgow, KY, who won at PCHLotto, in the Silver and Sapphire contest. And she was one happy winner too. And why not, who wouldn't be glad to see someone bringing them roses and money?

Now, some Pacific Northwest winner is out there about to receive double the prize cash amount that these two women received this week, and it is all because they signed up on the PCH Facebook page to become a SuperFan. How easy is that? Easy, let me tell you, as the Atlanta Top News Examiner has even done it. It just requires registering on their SuperFan Facebook page. And that immediately qualifies you to win double any prize amount awarded by them to you from $10,000 to one million dollars. So do it already.

If you were around when the Prize Patrol tried to deliver $20,000 to someone in the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday and are not a fan, has it inspired you to start playing the free sweepstakes now? If not, you might be interested in knowing that they may be giving away a $7,000 a-week-for-life prize on April 30 if the lucky winning numbered entry is returned by April 21. So you still have time to play and win.

But don't worry if you don't have any of their mail in sweepstakes entry forms to send back to them. You can play the sweepstakes online now. And it's free. There's no purchase necessary, even though California winner Debbie Buer says she was buying their products when she won.

Just go to to register to win the next Publishers Clearing House super prize, and the next winner might really be you. But hopefully it will be me. And if you know the person the prize patrol was trying to find on Tuesday, let the lucky person know that they are now $20,000 richer. They may just buy you a nice dinner as a thank you for telling them. I know I would.

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