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Publishers Clearing House says last day to 'win it all', but scam reports grow

Dillon with the promotion development department of Publishers Clearing House, the sweepstakes and direct marketing company that seeks to make millionaires out of average folks, asked the company's fans on June 23 in a PCH Blog post "how bad do you want the dream life to become your reality?"

Don't be fooled, Publishers Clearing House never calls or emails super prize winners in advance.
PCH Facebook

If the answer is "real bad" then you need to know that today is the last day to enter to win the June 30 advertised prize of $2 million in cash, a brand new Lincoln MKZ car and $10,000 a month for life prize. But some sobering news first.

Just two hours ago a Harselle couple told WHNT News 19 that they had been scammed out of $3,500 from bogus PCH callers who claimed last November that they had won a prize, but that they would need to pay certain fees in order to get it.

We got ready for them, said they'd be here in 45 minutes, but they never showed up," said Bobbie Smallwood.

Tonight WHNT plans to air a 10 p.m. special report they are calling "The Hoax," which will show why no one seems to be able to stop these scam artists, but how you can at least protect yourself from such scams in the future.

The Crossville Chronicle reported on Monday that a Cumberland County man told the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office that he had been told he had won $50,000 from Publishers Clearing House in a phone call he received from a Jamaican phone number (876) 464-4868.

The caller directed him to send $5,000 in order to pay the taxes on the prize, so the man did, losing all of it, as Publishers continues to remind fans that they never ask for money up front in advance of delivering a prize. But since so many people who enter the contest don't ever visit the company's Facebook pages, they don't see these warning posts.

With June 30 being just around the corner, people should expect to receive all kinds of phoney telephone calls and emails from people claiming to be from the company that makes millionaires out of everyday people. But don't fall for those calls and online correspondence attempts, as the real Publishers Clearing House shows up at your front door if you win a prize worth $10,000 or more. And they bring you the check, not the other way around.

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