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Publishers Clearing House (PCH) reveals new sweepstakes update

The largest prize Publishers Clearing House has ever offered up for grabs on Feb. 28, 2014.
The largest prize Publishers Clearing House has ever offered up for grabs on Feb. 28, 2014.

On February 20 the Publishers Clearing House (PCH) $1 Million-a-Year Forever Prize sweepstakes concluded its entry phase, according to this Feb. 21 PCH Blog post. And on Feb. 28 the winner of that event will be announced on national television on NBC. But in the meantime, fans of the direct marketing company's most recent winning opportunity will learn on Wednesday whether the winner will get the coveted million dollars a year prize at the end of this month, or if the highly publicized event winner will take home just one million dollars instead.

Publishers Clearing House procedures dictate that they do an early-look at the entries, to see if the winning number chosen was returned by those who entered. If the winning entry was returned before the Feb. 20 deadline, then the winner is guaranteed to receive a whopping one million dollars a year for the rest of their life.

If the early-look entry was not returned in time, then PCH goes to Plan B, which is to have a second-chance drawing from the entries submitted, and to award the second prize instead. And that second prize is a one-time win of one million dollars.

During last year's Feb. 28 giveaway, the winning entry was not returned for the $5,000 a Week Forever Prize, so the company had to hold a second-chance drawing. And that second-chance winner, which was Elise Gutierrez of LaPlace, Louisiana, won a one-time prize of one million dollars instead.

Winning a million dollars is prize enough for most people, but others feel that if a company advertises they are giving away "the largest super prize ever," then they should do it whether the winning entry is returned or not, giving the second-chance drawing winner the advertised prize instead of a prize of a lesser amount.

If PCH announces on Wednesday that the winning entry was not returned for the million a year forever prize this year, it will mark two years in a row that the winning entry was not returned. Do you think they should reconsider what the second-chance drawing winner gets in that case?