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Publishers Clearing House: PCH goes on the road with lots of money

PCH giving away thousands of dollars in early February in advance of their super prize of $1 million a year forever.
PCH giving away thousands of dollars in early February in advance of their super prize of $1 million a year forever.

Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane are the Publishers Clearing House prize patrol team members and based on a Feb. 5 PCH tweet the trio are back on the road again with some of those big fat checks you see on television. No one knows where they three will show up on Wednesday, but where ever it is the lucky winner will receive $100,000 to spend on anything they want. And if you want some clues as to where they might be headed then keep reading.

This is just a prequel to the super prize the magazine and direct marketing company will be giving away at the end of February, when some lucky winner could receive a million a year forever. But Publishers has already given away thousands of dollars on Let's Make a Deal in January and thousands more to two PCH fans during the same month.

Now the prize patrol trio are keeping their word and delivering two more checks in February, in advance of their $1 Million-a-Year-Forever prize announcement on Feb. 28. And one the checks this week will be for $100,000 (wow), while the other one is for $10,000.

And if that isn't enough, they have promised to give away money every single month this year, promising to have at least two winners each month. So if you haven't entered to win their $3 million dollar dream home sweepstakes, or their $50,000 dream car opportunity, now's the time to do it. But forget about the $1 million a year forever prize, as I've got that one sewn up, I'm sure.

Danielle Lam dropped the first clues on who would walk away with $100,000 on Feb. 5 on her PCH Facebook page on Tuesday, stating that the winner lived in a state that was bordered by three or more other states. OK, that could be Georgia. And she also said that "the winner's state animal stands on four legs." Man's best friend? Mmmm...

The last clue on Tuesday night was that the winner's state does have an MLB team. (Go Braves!) Think your state is in the running? Checkout Lam's PCH Facebook page on Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. for the next clue and see if you are right. And be sure to enter to win one of the 20-something prizes currently being advertised on the site, including the cash extravaganza money being awarded this week too.