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Public transportation transit: Celebrate National Dump the Pump Day

Driving is the easiest way and most convenient mode of transportation many Americans use on a daily basis. The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is urging all people across the nation to utilize a different mode of transportation today.

Celebrate National Dump the Pump Day
American Public Transportation Association

June 16 marks the honoring of the holiday known as “National Dump the Pump Day”! This holiday encourages Americans to take a pass on driving their vehicle and try using public transportation such as a bus, rain or maybe even ride a bike to work or school.

Gas prices are high and just one day of not driving will save each person quite a bit of money depending upon how long their commute is. By taking another mode of transportation the carbon emissions can be drastically reduced as well as the congestion on highways and city roads.

If more people choose to say take the bus in lieu of driving over thirty-seven million metric tons of carbon emission can be reduced over a year’s time. The amount of gasoline used can be reduced by approximately 4.2 billion of gallons annually while reducing the CO2 emissions by over 4,800 pounds over the course of one year. These figures are estimated for a single person so imagine how much improvement there would be to our air, the decrease in pollution, reduction of clogged roads, a lower level of road rage and a huge savings for families who aren’t spending money weekly for gas as well as the usual maintenance repairs and wear and tear their vehicle receives from constant use.

Join in and take a different ride to work, play or school and celebrate “National Dump the Pump Day”!

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