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Public Transit Tourism Trivia Part 3


Are you restless and tired of being confined in your home due to the unusual amounts of rain Southern California is experiencing? Beat the rainy day blues. Take one or more of the public transit tours in this series.  Most of these tours last one hour or longer and they are good forms of entertainment during our rainy season. 

Click on the link in each question to take you directly to the article which contains the answer.

1. Which Southern California city is called the Heart of Screenland?
1. Santa Monica
2. Inglewood
3. Westwood
4. Hollywood
5. Culver City
6. Redondo Beach

2. Where was the “first” Academy Awards held?
1. Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
2. Kodiak
3. Staples Center
4. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
5. Shrine Auditorium
6. Hollywood Bowl

3. Which public transit line will take you to Pasadena?
1. Purple
2. Gold
3. Red
4. Silver
5. Blue
6. Orange

4. Where is Bruce’s Beach located?
1. Santa Monica
2. Hermosa Beach
3. Marina del Rey
4. Redondo Beach
5. Venice Beach
6. Manhattan Beach

5. Which street in LA is host to the Theater District?
1. Martin Luther King
2. Sepulveda
3. La Cienega
4. Lincoln
5. Broadway
6. Pacific Coast Highway

6. Which one of these famous hotels is not in California?
1. Beverly Hilton
2. Peabody
3. Bonaventure
4. Regent Beverly Wilshire
5. Ambassador
6. Biltmore

7. Which of the world’s five oceans is the largest?
1. Indian
2. Southern
3. Pacific
4. Arctic
5. Northern
6. Atlantic

8. What is the English translation for the Spanish word Hermosa?
1. Scenic
2. Round
3. Second
4. Old
5. Small
6. Beautiful

9. Which LA venue is host to approximately 3 million visitors per year?
1. Farmers Market
2. Disneyland
3. Olvera Street
4. Hollywood
5. Venice Beach
6. Santa Monica Pier

10. Which of these tourist attractions is not located along the “See LA on the MTA" tour?
1. The Staples Center
2.  LA Live
3. Olvera Street
4. Nokia Theater
5. Farmers Market
6. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Bonus questions:

Click on the links to take you directly to the information which contains the answer. 

Which MTA public transit line color does not exist in LA?
1. Yellow
2. Blue
3. Red
4. Orange
5. Gold
6. Silver

California is the_______state to join the Union.
1. 19th
2. 42nd
3. 13th
4. 31st
5. 50th
6. 25th

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  • Fritz and Rose 5 years ago

    We like your questions and multiple choice answers. you could send those questions to "Who Wants to be a Millionnaire?" They might use it in their program. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year! It's year of the tiger. Take good care of yourself. God bless you.

  • Jamia 5 years ago

    So exciting to see how much one misses, when not on the bus.
    Your site, not only takes us places, we may not be aware of,
    but also Geography Lessons, too.
    Thank you. You're really good at this.

  • Debi 5 years ago

    I love your games! This was a great way to begin my weekend. Thanks!

  • Georgia 5 years ago

    This is work, but well worth the education. Thanks.

  • Vernita 5 years ago

    The trivia questions were great! You really have my brain working hard on the answers!

  • Debi 5 years ago

    Well, it made my day to make your day! ;-) I'm also a BIG Colin Firth fan, and he was SO good in 'A Single Man' -- I was glad to see him get the BAFTA award. This is Wife #5 for James Cameron, btw. I read a New Yorker article about him a while back, and it seems like he might be... difficult...

  • Debi 5 years ago

    Good Morning! I left this at the bottom of my article, but thought I'd pop in here and say hello!

    @Brenda - I wondered the same thing -- great minds think alike! ;-) Yes, she is Sydney's daughter and Lena Horne's granddaughter. I was very impressed with the screenplay for "Rachel Getting Married," so I'll definitely see this movie.

    Enjoy your day!

  • Debi 5 years ago

    Aloha! Re: your question about Oak Alley Plantation...

    @Brenda -- I don't know for sure, but I think it may be. The website has a very extensive discussion of the property's history re: slavery... and, yes, I agree that's a very ugly part of our nation's past.

  • Rhonda 5 years ago

    OMG, this is so much fun. Thanks for taking time to put this together.

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