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Public Survey About Common Core: Do You Know Enough?

The Joy of Learning.  Are We Nourishing It?
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for SAG Foundation

A recent poll with 5,000 adult participants was conducted last spring by Education Next. Education Next is a journal published by Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. Among other findings the survey demonstrated that more than 75% of adults support the idea of shared academic standards.

When probed further about the “common core,” support fell by 15 percentage points. It seems "The words 'Common Core' elicits greater antagonism than does the concept of common standards itself," the report said. How would you have answered the following questions?

· Before today, have you ever heard of the Common Core State Standards? 43% of the Public responded affirmatively. 57% responded no.

· How knowledgeable are you about the Common Core Standards? 7% of the Public answered very knowledgeable and 37% responded somewhat knowledgeable. Finally, 56% answered not very or not at all knowledgeable.

How would you interpret the above responses by the average citizen? Astoundingly, could it be that 57% of the public do not know about the Common Core? The next article will shed light on the questions asked of the 43% who claimed to know something about Common Core Standards. Do you know what you don't know about the Common Core? Please share your thoughts. Please read, respond and subscribe.

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