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Public Survey About Common Core: Do You Know Enough? Continued...

In the previous article, we focused on a recent poll with 5,000 adults participants which was conducted last spring by Education Next. Only 43% of those that responded claimed to be knowledgeable about the Common Core. This gave the researchers an opportunity to probe their understanding more closely with a four part, true or false series of questions. Two of these questions, the percentage corresponding to each response, and a brief comment about nuances of the truth or inaccuracy of each question appear below:

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Part 1. True or False: The federal government requires all states to use the Common Core Standards. 51% of the public responded this was probably or definitely true, 36% answered probably or definitely false; 14% of the respondents didn't know. This is true. The federal government did not require all states to use the Common Core Standards. Federal law prohibits the federal government from prescribing the content of state curricula and assessments. However, the federal attachment of Race to the Top Competitive Grants made it improbable for states,in need of money, to resist.

Part 2. True or False: The Common Core Standards set higher expectations for student performance than the standards most states used before the Common Core Standards were introduced. 56% of the public responded this was probably or definitely true; 31% responded this was probably or definitely false; 13% didn't know. This statement is seemingly true because the term used is, “most states.” However, as implementation of the standards take effect there are states taking action to withdraw from the national standards in favor of strengthening their own local state standards.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the federal government should be using money to entice states to adopt standards? What do you think of states currently rethinking their adoption of the Common Core Standards? The responses to parts 3 and 4 will appear in the next article. Please read, respond and subscribe.

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