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Public sentiment starting to see the real Obama

People around the president say he’s changed, according to Peggy Noonan's Wall Street Journal opinion. Showing more interest in golfing or communing with celebs, the president shows more as a frivolous failure than the likable leader the nation elected.

‘Let’s give him a chance’ was the word in deep blue Democrat enclaves such as California and New York in 2008. A chance to do what? To fundamentally transform the United States of America from an exceptional nation to a Third World country is the chance Obama got. The threat that he uttered in campaign back then wasn’t recognized until now.

In his World Affairs essay, Michael Zantovsky observes that Americans are more alert to threats when they take an overt and brutal form, such as on 9/11, but are not nearly as vigilant when challenged by political systems that claim exceptions slowly over time on the grounds of culture, tradition, religion. Making the United States over into a Third World country is exactly what this president is about and he brought it about while charming the people and corrupting their institutions.

We have seen the Obama future and it doesn’t work.

The big bombshell came in the Quinnipiac poll which said Americans think Obama is the worst president since WWII.

"America will no longer be the stuff of the dreams,” opined Wesley Pruden, Editor Emeritus, The Washington Times. The U.S. will no longer provide the venue for the American Dream.

Once the transformation of America is complete, there’s not much difference between Indiana and El Salvador, or between San Francisco and Honduras.

Lest we believe that such sentiments are the purviews only of publishable conservatives who bypassed the mainstream media, let us report the result of July 4th polling about our nation. Rasmussen reports that a mere 26% of voters think the country is headed in the right direction. The vast majority think America is failing. And they would be right.

The same poll reports 46% of voters approve of Obama’s job performance. These are the 46% on perpetual government dole who cannot put it together that Obama is the one not taking the country in the right direction. Or don’t care that the country is failing. They’re getting things free and watching their leader have a good time, all while the media (as seen in the video) minimizes the huge effect the president's poor performance has on the public.

The rest of the voters who make their own way are tiring of the president’s frivolity and failings. They’re tired of working for government instead of for themselves. They're tiring of America's undoing, the slide of exceptionalism bit by bit. They see scandal, constitutional nose-thumbing, deceit, over-control, unscrupulous surveillance lead to America’s weakening in the world at the hands of its leader.

Obama is starting to be seen as the disaster that he is.

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