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Public school students are in prison and the locks may get stronger

Public school students are imprisoned by testing. No one at the district offices cares about their long term or immediate futures—all they care about is test scores.

So the teachers follow the frachadat pacing plans and teach to the test. Then the students regurgitate the lessons during the tests and quickly forget. And no one cares after that.

Fortunately there are some teachers who ignore some of the plans and do the right thing.

Public schools want to have the test scores for each teacher as part of their evaluations. Can raises attached to test scores be far behind that?

When this happens the teachers will have to teach to the test and do nothing else as their careers could in jeopardy.

The locks on the public school prisons will get stronger!

Unless someone provides the key to free our children?

The parents and teachers of America can do it!

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