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Public School brings families closer together

A father and sons contemplate which egg is hard boiled and which is raw though experiments.
A father and sons contemplate which egg is hard boiled and which is raw though experiments.
April Gardikis

Many people debate whether or not to educate their children via public, private or home schooling.  Though there are many advantages to all three, it seems like public school tends to get the short end of the stick sometimes. It should be noted though that public schools can be a good resource not only for education, but for bringing our families and neighborhoods closer together as well.

There is an elementary school in Cypress , California,  that goes above and beyond to bring families together and to make sure that the children that attend there get more out of their school than just a great education. This elementary school is Christine Swain Elementary. Swain is dedicated to their children and families that attend, and in being dedicated they have created a large family within this community. They are a family that has children that play together, carpool together, celebrate holidays together and has parents that interact and are friends with each other.  

How has such a wonderful thing been able to grow in this school? Teachers, staff, PTA, children and friends have all made this happen for the children that attend here. One of the major things that helps to bring all of these families together is the creation of "Family Fun Nights." They consist of storytelling nights, bingo nights., homework nights, science nights and more. They are hosted at Swain elementary and invite all students and family to a free dinner followed by a night of fun and educational activities. This past Thursday evening was Family Science night, where children and adults alike had hands-on learning in fun experiments including making their own volcano!   

These kinds of activities bring children from all walks of life with all different backgrounds and families together. It teaches children the importance of getting along and spending quality time with family and friends. This is a priceless lesson that is taught to our children through this public school. If you have school age children who attend public school , it is encouraged that you look into  or join you PTA! It is a great way to be involved in your children's lives and you can have the opportunity to propose "Family Fun Nights" like the ones that Swain School provides. Public schools can be just a great as some of the wonderful private schools that we have. Parents just need to be more involved and school their schools their support.

Please look around and research local public schools in your district if you have children getting ready to enter our school system. Our public schools need our support and enrollment right now and you may be pleasantly surprised at the quality of education and sense of belonging  your children will receive!