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Public safety should be a job requirement, not a broken campaign promise

All accidents took place at Selma and Schrader and were caused by covered stop sign
All accidents took place at Selma and Schrader and were caused by covered stop sign
Louis "Kengi" Carr

When considering a move to a neighborhood many people want to know things like how far supermarket is, is there a park close by and how safe the neighborhood is. Some people even spend some time in the neighborhood to get a feel for it, asking people about local attractions, shopping and night life.

This accident was caused by a covered stop sign
Louis "Kengi" Carr Photography

But no one asks things like who maintains the trees and are stop signs and red lights clearly seen by all at all times. I bet no one ever asks questions like who the city council person is or how well the city does their job keeping the neighborhood clean, safe and free from gang activity. No one ever asks things like how many car accidents have happened in the area right? Well maybe we should.

For months one local Hollywood neighborhood has been experiencing car accidents and pedestrians nearly getting run down by motors driving to fast and missing a stop sign that has been covered for many, many months. Some residents have have said the problem of stop sign on the corner of Selma and Schrader is covered and out of view more often than not. They even say this has been a problem back with Eric Garciti (now Mayor of Los Angeles) represented the area.

"I've lived here from nearly ten years and there's always problems at that corner" says Ms. Garcia "No matter who you call they all seem to pass the buck to someone else, but the problem never gets resolved."

311 is a City wide non-emergency toll free number residents can call to report problems and gain answers to problems and situations in their areas, however residents say this too has been no help in getting the problem with the covered stop sign corrected once and for all.

Jim says he's lived in the neighborhood for just over 4 years and he recalls how people running for City Council made "big promises" about how they would improve the area and make sure residents concerns were addressed right away. "Our representative (Mitch O'Farrell) is always available for photo-ops on Hollywood Boulevard, but absent and silent when it comes to issues like parking and safety of residents who live here." If residents are not lucky enough to live in building where parking is provided then they must feed the meters or pay for parking in lots located in the area. This poses yet another problem for low income residents who live in the area.

Recently there was what appeared to be a camera installed for just one day at the intersection, but when I asked the city employee if the camera was recording when the car accident took place he asked what time it happened and later said "no, we missed that" This made me question why it was installed in the first place and why for only one day.

I did call Councilmen Mitch O'Farrell's Office only to be referred to another city office that took the complaint, but also told me that the City of Los Angeles does not have the manpower to make sure all signs and signals in the city are clear. She went on to inform me that I could "apply for a permit to trim the tree."

Coincidentally Councilmen Mitch O'Farell's Office hosted a tree trimming event in the Glassell Park area of District 13, but trees along Selma Avenue remain overgrown blocking sidewalks and stop signs causing cars to totally miss the stop sign or slam on their breaks at the last minute to avoid hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle.

It is not the job or residents to prune trees or make sure public safety signs are in clear unobstructed view of motorists. It's odd to me how the City of Los Angeles can wash down sidewalks in the same neighborhood at a time when residents have been asked to cut back their water usage because of the drought, but can't make sure stop signs are in plain sight to prevent car crashed or worst residents run down or killed.

Dear City of Los Angeles, sidewalks dont grow. Talking about public safety should not be something elected officials simply talk about during their campaign stops. It should be a job requirement and not something they can "pass the buck" on.

Every single accident included in the photos with this article could have been avoided if stop signs were visible to motorist. Until the City of Los Angeles takes appropriate action to correct this problem, these accidents will continue to happen.

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