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Public relations: Evolving tools of online PR

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Over the past decade, press release distribution sites have proliferated on the Internet. This trend reflects the desire of companies and marketing executives to have their announcements and news content seen by as much relevant traffic as possible. As the web audience shifts itself toward mobile and social platforms, PR firms will need to follow suit in order to stay competitive.

U.S.-based TransWorldNews, which maintains offices in Atlanta, differentiates itself by partnering with high traffic web properties, search portals, and media organizations for content distribution. Clients pay about $99 for a single press release or $2,500 for a one-year subscription that enables a corporate marketer or public relations professional to reach web outlets as well as traditional media such as print, television, and radio.

The site also caters to small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures that may offer no more than a single product or service. As such, TransWorldNews staffs itself with full-time writers and editors conducting quality control for diverse content such as business, politics, sports, entertainment, science, technology, and health, among others. The site also maintains active social media accounts, such as Twitter, in order to reach as many eyeballs as possible.

As mentioned, content distribution is a competitive field and service providers will need to continually up the ante with their value proposition. PRWeb and Marketwire are two of the leading providers operating in this space. With their price points on the rise TransWorldNews is looking to reap the benefits with the single press release price point being far more competitive than PRWEB and Marketwire.

However, the Internet is evolving and creating opportunities for smaller content distributors to both get higher SERPs as well as expand their client base. In particular, those offering new technologies will likely possess the ability to dislodge some of the established players due to the increasing importance of handheld devices and social networks.

Today’s users gravitate towards content that have viral qualities. And such content have been validated by “social proof”. If social proof conveys tremendous value, it stands to reason that PR solutions providers can generate revenue through its ability to deliver social influence as a traffic-type product. The game shifts to not just selling traffic as a product, but selling social votes as proof that an audience is listening to what a client has to announce.

Large companies are beginning to open their wallets for social clout. Last year, Yahoo! acquired Jybe, a personalized recommendation start-up company that helps “people find the things they love to do based on what’s trending in their social circles”. The deal shows Yahoo!’s intention of being able to offer tailored recommendations to users. The Silicon Valley-based company is also in discussions to buy a controlling stake in video site Dailymotion which boasts over 116 million monthly users.

If there is another pressing opportunity for companies such as TransWorldNews, it is that millions of users that have been gravitating from text towards multimedia content. Traditional PR solutions may have involved the promotion and distribution of corporate announcements, but the industry may evolve into a platform for video and music producers that want their multimedia content to go viral. YouTube stars want traffic as much as marketing executives.

And that presents opportunities for growth where everyone, not just corporate accounts, can potentially be a client. TransWorldNews press releases meet the needs of this growing market now. TransWorldNews press releases can include a video along with an extensive picture gallery (no limit on how many pictures) along with owning their own ad space (ADit).


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