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Public policy, mid-term elections & the Supremes collide

There’s just a little more than six months to go before the mid-term elections this November.

Pundits and wonks alike tell us that the party “in power” (such as that is) usually lose house and senate seats at the mid-term elections.

Ordinarily I would be telling you just how tragic that is. Part of me still believes so, but.

Once in the US there were viable if at times violent options for pushing back against the egregious oppression or at least the intensity of the oppression, malevolence and disdain for the folk by those who have taken possession, i.e. stolen, the bedrock. That would be the 1 percent. Money like power does not change hands easily, willingly, or bloodlessly---much less often.

If the geniuses are correct that only means that we’re in for a rough time. Recall that decade of rape, pillage and plunder that was the “w” aught decade.

President Obama, unlike “w”, only had the luxury of a partial totalitarian state for a limited time. His first two years in office Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and even then couldn’t get squat done.

In fact it was worse than not getting anything done. They passed the Affordable Care Act. It should have been strangled at birth. It wasn’t. “Obamacare” is a hideous, useless and ineffective amalgam put together with the intention that it be so repugnant not even its mother could love it. The millionaires club we call a congress along with the trillions of dollars big insurance industry succeeded, 7.1 million enrollees notwithstanding.

This week the Supremes’ succeeded in eviscerating what little is left of anything resembling democracy. The Supreme’s decision this week, McCutcheon, basically let loose the hounds of hell.

It’s difficult for me to conclude whether the right-wing fringe majority Supremes are completely disconnected from reality, seriously misanthropic or just openly inimical to us folk, perhaps all three.

Consider this; those who hold the top 1 percent of the wealth in this nation are worth more than the bottom 50 percent (and we’re the beacon for the world? That’s scary.)

Economist Robert Reich puts it this way, “What does the Supreme Court's "McCutcheon" decision this week have to do with today's jobs report, showing 192,000 new jobs for March? Connect the dots. More than five years after Wall Street’s near meltdown the number of full-time workers is still 4 million less than it was in December 2007, yet the working-age population of the U.S. has increased by 13 million since then. This explains why so many people are still getting nowhere. Unemployment among those 18 to 29 is 11.4 percent, nearly double the national rate.

Most companies continue to shed workers, cut wages, and horde their cash because they don’t have enough customers to warrant expansion. Why? The vast middle class and poor don’t have enough purchasing power, as 95 percent of the economy’s gains go to the top 1 percent.”

Yes, ninety-five percent of the gains are going to the top 1 percent!! And still last year GOPers, Blue Dogs and Tea Partyers refused adamantly to raise the taxes on the top 1 percent from 35 percent to 39 percent while cutting benefits to the poor.

So imagine what that means if or maybe when GOPers, Blue Dogs and Teapartyers regain control of the senate.

Of course there’s always the veto power of the presidency. That said, President Obama is not likely to make effective use of that tool. Recall that on those occasions both as a US Senator and as President, when he could have made a difference he chose not.

This is the point at which public policy, elections and the Supremes collide. In Texas red as across the nation there’s just too many right-wing fringers to overcome.

As Alexander Hamilton stated almost 250 years ago, “There are two classes of men…in Congress of very different views---one attached to state, the other to Continental politics.”

I go a step further. The mid-term elections will reflect that there are two classes of men and women, who vote for those who represent us in Congress----one attached to all for the 1 percent, and the other to the well being of the nation as a whole.

You need only take one step back, put on your lenses of reality and see that it is indeed so.

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,

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