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Public policy, distractions and proxy wars

There’s been a great deal of noise this month and in particular this past week. Some of that noise was created locally, some not. By locally I am, of course, saying US one-percent manufactured.

It’s all a distraction. Most of that distraction is meant for the purpose of distracting the average person in the US which if you hadn’t noticed doesn’t really take much more than a third rate reality show.

Meanwhile there’s something going on that none of us is aware of but it’s a given that it’s going to benefit the one-percent making them even more money and wealth---to the detriment of “we the people.”

But before we go there, Bill Moyers pointed out this week in his early morning reads from TPM that the, “Stat of the day: 20 millionThe New England Journal of Medicine’s estimate of the number of Americans who have gained insurance coverage through Obamacare. (Via: TPM)

That twenty million US citizens of the estimated 48 million plus, taxpaying US citizens without insurance prior to this legislation now have insurance is amazing. However, the twisted, tortured, tormented piece of legislation that it took to enact this benefit, the misguided and even misnamed “Affordable Care Act” known as “Obamacare” didn’t have to be created the way it was. It would have been much simpler and better to simply expand our single-payer system to everyone in this nation. We are after all paying for it already. However, the trillion dollar insurance industry would never having none of that.

For that reason the insurance industry put a million dollars a day and six lobbyists in the run up to the vote on this issue. The insurance industry will do whatever it takes to resist anything that might possibly take a dime out of their coffers.

That money and those lobbyists in Tony Soprano style twisted arms, bribed and otherwise convinced the members of the millionaire’s club we call a congress to create a system that even a mother could hate, hideous and not meant for a long life and certainly not a glamorous, successful one. Still it was and is so needed that 20 million people in this country have embraced it.

Meanwhile the conflicts in the Ukraine, the Middle East and at our Southern border continue to play out resulting in still more drama.

A world that thought it was beyond the “Cold War” era has fallen right back into it and I hear echoes of Al Pacino’s, “Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in!”

Among the collateral damage of this new proxy war so far has been one airliner filled with people who including some of the world’s most experienced AIDS researchers who on boarding that ill fated airliner had no idea their collective destination would be the headlines.

By the way, the noise you hear in the background of the conflict in the Ukraine is the posturing of the one-percenters from both sides of the equation preparing to rake billions even as US infrastructures are crumbling and outdated.

In the Middle East mostly unbeknownst to most of “we the people” our tax dollars are fighting a 21st Century version of the Crusades.

Closer to home at the border with Mexico, the least tolerant and short term memory impaired to say little of hateful, mean-spirited and racist members of “we the people” are up in arms, literally.

The object of their collective venom and invective this time are children fleeing the Euro-Anglo-Jew and US one-percent occupier created violence, poverty and ignorance in their lands.

What does any of this have to do with public policy? Everything.

This time the fact that proxy wars are being played out in new locations doesn’t mean they are less brutal, less violent or less costly.

Have you ever noticed how there’s never any money to upgrade the US infrastructure, create jobs, improve public education, which would all improve the economy, but there’s always money to take on one more war?

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,

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