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Public outraged as family of killer claims cruelty during execution

Dennis McGuire was arrested December 22, 1993, and served 21 years on a murder conviction after he kidnapped, raped and cut the throat of an Ohio woman who was 8 months pregnant. His family is asking in their lawsuit for revisions to Ohio’s execution protocol, attorney’s fees, $75,000 in damages and causing pain and suffering.

Public outrage over the lawsuit against the state is rampant on social media over constant news coverage on the McGuire family lawsuit against the state of Ohio. Judy C. comments, “Enough pity for a rapist and killer! Where is the concern for the woman and unborn child? Would you feel sorry for him if this was your daughter, mother, sister?”

Many people expressed outrage after the Jan. 25 post of an Ohio news article. The victims family gave their opinion as well, “She never got to realize her dreams, never got to hold her baby boy in her arms, never got to kiss his soft cheek. I know she suffered terror and pain. (McGuire) is being treated more far more humanely than he treated her.”

McGuire was given a sedative prior to his execution in order that he would feel little or no pain, minutes into the execution using two experimental drugs McGuire could be heard through the observation window gasping for air for a lengthy period of time.

Sherri Baker added, “I speak as a family member of a victim of a crime in which my brother was killed. Totally innocent out running errands getting ready to take his two oldest boys fishing the next day. If the Columbus Ohio PD would have ever caught the person or persons who were guilty, I would have no problem with the death penalty. If you kill someone you have more than likely destroyed a whole family, so what gives them the right to live. My brother didn't die a peaceable death so why would his killers get that right. So why should anyone who takes who takes a life feel like they have a right to a peaceful death...”

Many feel that the money should go to the murdered victims family as Keith P. says, "Any monies that McGuire's estate is awarded (because nothing would surprise me in the U.S. judicial system) should go directly to his victim's family. That this legal action is even allowed to move forward is an insult to every tax payer in the state of Ohio..."

Erin C. adds, "Absolutely disgusting. They should be embarrassed by their decision. He killed a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. Let her family use them for his actions . She suffered more then he could ever dream of suffering. They chose to watch the execution. He was sedated."

The next scheduled Ohio execution is Feb. 19.

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