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Public outrage over Facebook video of child pulling dog over swingset by leash

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A disturbing photo in Livingston County, New York circulating on Facebook has animal advocates and local neighbors outraged as it shows a young child repeatedly pulling his dog by its leash over a swing set. According to, the Livingston County Sheriff's Office is now investigating and have located the child and his family.

The video was recorded weeks ago, and has been turned over to authorities as proof that the child has been abusing the dog for months.

Neighbors state the child responsible for the abuse is only eight-years-old, and is a special needs student. Allegedly, the little boy's mother was told about the cruelty in the past who told her neighbors she would seek counseling for her son. One neighbor stated:

“I’ve seen him yanking down on the leash. I have seen him pulling on the leash over the swing set in the past, and I banged on the kitchen window, and he dropped the leash. I think he understands that what he’s doing is wrong, but he does have mental disabilities, not that it excuses it."

At this time, the Livingston County Sheriff's Office and the Dansville Police Department are investigating; no charges have been pressed.

Please be warned the video is graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

Just last week, a Florida grandmother was charged with animal cruelty after she posted a disturbing photo onto Facebook showing her two young granddaughters hoisting their family Jack Russell terrier with a pulley and a jump rope from a latch on their car. The children's mother tried to tell everyone on social media that her children meant no harm and were actually playing "Animal Rescue" after having watched a rescue team save a dog who had fallen in a ravine. The Jack Russell terrier and another dog from the home were removed by Animal Control pending a judge's decision.

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