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Public education, “Passing the Trash” not the truth

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Here is a break from the "Siphoning away American’s freedom of speech" series.

As a former Horseheads school board member, I’m not surprised! A recent article in the local paper Elmira’s Star-Gazette “Secrecy deals protect teachers” revealed aspects of the “academic wall of silence”. Protecting educators who pursue over reaching relationships with students sanction by the state may not be illegal, but they are wrong.

Such perversions committed by educators are hidden, not only in the district of occurrence, but to those seeking to hire such perpetrators. This is known as “passing the trash”! But the “academic wall of silence” goes much farther!

The teachers unions control federal and state governments. Bad teachers are protected in much the same way a reason public education is so shabby. Corruption festers in education as much as it does in her big brother, government.

Over the years we have seen teachers and administrators disappear with no explanations. Some were bad, but some were good, likely committing the cardinal sin of challenging actions and behaviors they thought wrong! A few months ago I wrote letters to the local newspapers “I never met a superintendent I trusted”, because they are the super politicians of academia, politics their game! Neither was published.

The education industry has become a dirty place! Such the reason for the silence, hiding its true nature!