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Public Education needs an Amber Alert!

Missing is the joy of reading and the love of learning.

Missing is the fun and creativity that accompanied learning in the past.

Missing is remediation, review, and mastery of the skills.

Missing is enrichment, challenge, cooperative learning, and thinking outside the box.

Missing is Art and Music and Performing Arts and any skill or subject not tested.

Missing is play and recess, dance and discussions.

Missing is the wonderful relationships children and their families developed with their teachers.

Missing is the reverence and respect accorded all teachers.

Missing is the wonderful teacher designed units and lessons that fit the personality of the teachers and their classes.

Missing is the teaching to the students’ varied learning modalities and learning speeds.

Missing is the paper and pencil and textbook work instead of costly workbooks and copies.

Missing are instructional field trips and instructional movies.

Missing is vocational arts.

Missing is a well rounded education preparing the children for the next grades and for life.

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