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Public education has it all, so here's what we shall do

We have reformers and critics, and Broad Gates,
We have Deasy and Duncan who every teacher hates.

There is No Child Left Behind and Race To The Top,
Which every educator knows are a flop.

What about Pearson and the Common Core,
Which teaches the children that learning can be a bore.

There are Bush and Rhee,
Who we never want to hear or see.

Somehow ipads and tests come together as one,
The little computers are not used for fun.

There is Teach for America with 6 weeks to learn,
Six weeks to learn how to teach and then it is their turn.

Whether it is New York, New Jersey or L.A.
The teachers never have a say.

You wonder why teachers are depressed and mad,
The reformers have turned a great career to bad.

So, Here's what we are going to do,
Deformers, I have a test for you.

Invite all the reformers—billionaires, politicians and know it alls,
Combine them with the media members in a very large hall.

Have them sit on uncomfortable chairs from classrooms,
They must not speak or visit the bathrooms.

An hour of instructions must be made
Then they must take 4 days of tests for third grade.

Make sure that test writers and publishers are there too,
Let them see how well that they can do.

When it is over and the tests are scored,
Ask them how much they were feeling bored.

Show how low their test scores are,
They will run for solace to the nearest bar.

What could the public schools do with an extra billion each year?
The savings from testing and prep materials would be clear.

Lower class sizes, clean, secure campuses, aides, and special teachers,
Using the money would have all these features.

Best of all would be an education that is truly complete,
And student’s futures in which that are prepared to compete.

Furthermore, their test scores will serve like profits for a CEO,
Basing their income on what the scores show.

And, of course their scores will be a big media proclamation,
To let everyone know across the nation.

This is the end of the testing generation!

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