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Public education and LAUSD in 2018

(The following is fictional)

Superintendent Deasy is Secretary of Education under President Rubio.

LAUSD has closed 2/3 of its schools as parents have transferred their children to charter schools.

The charter industry has become very powerful and they finance the election of their own slate of candidates locally and statewide. Their radio and television commercials have introduced another generation to The Beatles singing “It’s Getting Better All The Time”.

Their lobbyists have succeeded in getting a law passed to reduce the qualifications to be a teacher. Teachers are no longer required to have a college education or a teaching credential. Driven by profit, charter schools have brought teachers from other countries and pay them just above the minimum wage.

The remaining LAUSD schools are filled with poor, immigrants, and special needs students as charter schools have rejected these groups.

Recess, Physical Education, and playtime have been eliminated at elementary schools. There is a 5-minute bathroom break in the morning and a 15-minute break to eat at lunchtime.

Physical Education has been eliminated at secondary schools and there is no sports competition between high schools.

The additional time in the classroom is spent on teaching to the test.

There are cameras in the classrooms. Downtown administrators who never taught can observe every lesson and talk directly to the teacher providing criticism while the students are listening.

The principals of the remaining schools have all come from the Broad Academy for principals.

The School Board has been disbanded and the district’s main advisor and influence is Michelle Rhee.

Because of the drastic drop in the number of students, class sizes are large, and there is one teacher for every three classrooms with two assistants to monitor the rooms as the teacher floats.

There are no more employee unions for LAUSD employees as everyone who wanted to keep their job had to vote to dismantle the unions.

Tests are given at the end of every day and at the end of the month to assess progress.

The senior teachers who taught before the testing frenzy have now retired and no one is left who remembers how to design a lesson plan as everyone just follows the books.

The Gates, Fishers, Bloombergs, Waltons, Bushes, and other extremely rich investors have taken their tremendous earnings on their investments in charter schools and put them into the latest profitable tax incentive project, gasoline made from synthetics.

Educational bloggers are warning that with the investors withdrawing their investments from charter schools, most of the schools will close and leave LAUSD public schools to pick up the pieces and LAUSD has neither the resources, materials, staff, money, training or experience to do this.

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