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Public Capitalism and Farid Khavari

Farid Khavari for Florida Governor
Farid Khavari for Florida Governor
Dr. Farid Khavari

Recently, an article was published on the Examiner site briefly listing the nine candidates running for Office of the Governor of Florida this upcoming November.

In this article, it identifies Dr. Farid Khavari – resident and businessman of South Miami - as perhaps as Socialist. According to Dr. Khavari himself, this is not true at all. “If anything, I am not a socialist, but the creator of the concepts of Zero Cost Economics. If implemented it would lead to Public Capitalism in which everybody would enjoy true ownership of practically everything necessary in life without recurring costs of all kinds and growing social costs which are characteristic for all the conventional economic concepts,” Dr. Khavari told me.

“Aside from my patent on an orthopedic pillow, I have a patent for a solar check value as well, and I could have many other patents which I never applied for such as double-walled heat-exchanger, evacuated high-temperature solar tubes, exercise equipment, etc.”

So, after my conversation with Dr. Khavari and in an effort to let the voters know who he is, what he stands for and what his plans are, I’ve embedded a link to his platform here. I strongly suggest all read it as it sheds light on our respective problems while offering solid plans to rectify our corporate-run state.

In a prior conversation I had with Dr. Khavari, he told me he was offered around $100 million to fund his campaign by foreign interests. He flat out turned it down. It’s no small amount of money. Why would he turn it down? Well, he would be beholding and that’s exactly what has caused our state corruption and cronyism. And he was and still is adamant about curtailing and halting the transfer of wealth to the 1%.

More to his plans, he would stop the reoccurring social costs which are ever rising. I.e.: crime related to foreclosures, prison costs, keeping the money made here to be used here, creating Florida companies which service Floridians, instituting solar and wind generation jobs, decriminalizing Marijuana, establishment of Super Banks, Super Clinics, and free energy, etc.

Again, I encourage all to read his platform and decide for yourselves.

You should know for whom you vote and why he is running, guys and gals. And quite frankly, we need an environmentalist like Dr. Khavari in office. I want to remind you the ban on off-shore drilling has been lifted. Yes, BP is back; having said that, here’s a brief biography on the good Dr. Farid A. Khavari.

DoB: February 25, 1943 in Yazd, Iran

Family: Married since 1985, two adult children


Doctorate in Economics and Social Sciences, University of Bremen, Germany, 1976

Thesis: The Pricing of OPEC Crude Oil – An Analysis of the Determinants

Masters degree in Economics and Political Sciences, University of Hamburg, Germany, 1973

Thesis: The Interdependence of the Oil-Producing and Oil-Consuming Nations


English, German, Farsi, Dari and Hindi


Zoroastrian background, born in a prominent Baha’i family, but has resigned to be able to run for a political office. Baha’i religion forbids partisan politics. He is a spiritual person.

Family History:

Father was executed in 1980 by the Islamic Republic Iran’s Revolutionary Guard for not renouncing his religion; a demand he refused. Soon thereafter, the Revolutionary Guard charged his mother for the bullets and offered her to denounce her religion if she wants to keep their house! My mother simply walked out of their own house telling them to keep it.

Places of Residence:

Iran: 1943 – 1945

India: 1946 – 1954

Iran: 1954 – 1964

Germany: 1964 – 1977

United States: 1977 – to present

There’s much more, but I’d like to leave you with his concept of Zero Cost Economy which I’m sure many of you will find fascinating. Please remember to vote, guys and gals.

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