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Psychopath statistics: Sociopaths can ruin relationships

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Statistics show that 99% of sociopath relations are unhappy. Out of the ninety nine percent, 48% cases have lead to formal divorce while in 52% cases, either the partners live separately or they indulge in an unhappy relationship. The sociopaths are very charming and irresistible at the first instance. Due to their high intelligence, they can easily make someone fall in love. But with time, when the true colors of anti social being and rudeness becomes prominent in the nature of the sociopath, the adjustments become next to impossible in the relationship.


A sociopath or a bipolar woman has often been considered as the relationship breaker in today's society. To understand the topic deeper, one must first understand the meaning of the term sociopath. A sociopath is basically an unsocial and extremely rude person who generally suffers from a personality disorder. The overall rudeness of the bipolar females or the sociopaths is always a turn off in any relationship. However, the traits and signs should always be identified before getting into an intense relationship because very often, the marriages with sociopaths or antisocial individuals, lead to divorce. The divorce statistics all over the world have specified it as one of the key contributing factors that causes the divorces.

Traits or signs of a sociopath:

One can always look for traits in an individual to spot for a sociopath. Avoiding the extreme interactions with them prevents the start up of any relationship. Thus one can be saved from the following break up or divorce that usually happens after a steady relationship with the sociopaths. Few traits of the sociopaths are discussed as follows through which one can easily identify them:

1. These people are unapologetic.

That is, the mistakes committed by them would never be accepted and most of these people hardly say sorry. This in turn makes them look rude. Thus one can easily guess that when they are in a relationship with a person who hardly ever says sorry, the overall outcome would be ugly.

2. These people are often cruel to animals.

These people tend to neglect animals, not feed them or properly take care of them, which has been increasingly hard for the ASPCA to catch a sociopath for animal cruelty. The absence of the sociopaths feelings of togetherness and love makes them so cruel to animals. Thus this specific trait fuels the divorce due to lack of love and compassion in a relationship from the side of the sociopath. It is not uncommon in divorce proceedings to have a woman sociopath hurt animals to scare a minor child into siding with the mother. Sociopaths also lie to obtain a free pro bono Attorney while forcing the opposing party to be bled dry.

3. Sociopaths are compulsive liars.

They have a tendency to lie at every possible instance to make them look important and the best, especially in court or divorce proceedings. Thus when they enter a relationship, they frame it with the base of casual or serious lies. This ultimately ends in break up or divorce. Thus one must avoid getting involved with liars. If there is a divorce proceeding in the end of a relationship, it is not uncommon for the woman to lie to Department Of Children and Families, especially in the state of Florida, since DCF appears to be biased to the mother in this state. The sociopath will convince authorities that everything is fine, then when the authorities are not looking, unfortunately the minor child is threatened, abused or neglected. Often times the mother will threaten that the child's father will be taken away from them.

4. A very common trait of a sociopath is intelligence.

Most of the sociopaths possess a very high level of IQ which makes them do well in life. The only problem is that they are aware of their intelligence and boast it whenever they can which makes them look rude and overconfident. Some may only have a GED, but their intelligence to manipulate is unprecedented.

5. Violence and huge ego are the most common traits that can be found in any sociopath.

Sociopaths have a high temper and they generally show their anger in the form of violence. This largely affects the relationship because the use of violence is the biggest factor for most of the marriages and relationships to end. A sociopath also possesses a huge ego which makes them think that they are never wrong. Therefore, the relationship suffers largely.

Sociopaths ruin relationships:

In the relationship between a sociopath and a non sociopath, the sociopath always gets more attention and upper hand. This makes the other person feel extremely small and lonely. The rude behavior and antisocial traits of sociopath slowly ruins the social life of the partner as well. This sadness gathered over years finally result in the end of relationship. The psychologists and experts suggest that if one cannot change the sociopath, then one should not extend the relationship. Otherwise, the non sociopath partner will either remain sad for the rest of the life or the relationship will end soon.

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